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Best. Day. EVER


Today is a great day. I had this package sitting on my chair at work this morning, and Martha Stewart herself sent me a parcel (I’m sure that is what she would call it).

and inside….

Was the NICEST note thanking me for being involved in the Bridal Advisory Board and a sweatshirt with her name on it. I am so excited and glad to see our  relationship grow. She always gives me great ideas and is there when I need her and this is the most kind thing… to send me a thankyou gift.

2 thoughts on “Best. Day. EVER”

  1. Holy cow! That is incredible, Katie. Not sure how you got on that board, but they sure picked the right woman. Your wedding was so special, unique and such a blessing to everyone in attendance. Who knows, you may be the next Martha Stewart…..God has equipped you with so many talents & gifts. Thank you for sharing them with the world.

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