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Keeping Heart: Managing Expectations

Keeping Heart: Managing Ourselves With 3 small kids, lots of change, personal goals, tons of ideas, social media and current trends it is a daily practice for me to keep what’s most important the most important thing. Often it seems that keeping the most important thing in it’s rightful place requires LOTS of self discipline,Continue Reading “Keeping Heart: Managing Expectations”

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30 Prayers For Our Children and Future Generations

30 Prayers For Our Children and Future Generations The Privilege Of Laying the Lives and Souls of Our Children Before The Throne Of Grace A few months ago a friend of ours, Brian MacStay, who is an amazing photographer took family pictures. It was a fun time and we got great keepsake pictures. As I look overContinue Reading “30 Prayers For Our Children and Future Generations”

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recipe {shirred eggs} 

This morning was greeted with some grey weather and a day at home. So, yummy breakfast for us! I adapted this recipe from local author and blogger Danielle  Walker. I love the simplicity and health of her recipes and also the creative ways she makes recipes current and has new ideas to the breakfast rut. OneContinue Reading “recipe {shirred eggs} “

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The Problem Areas

One of my favorite parenting books, next to the bible is a called Loving The Little Years by Rachel Jankovic. In the book she has a short chapter about the care of our bodies, she says, 

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recipe {caramel corn}

Tonight I ushered in fall to our home. I made Caramel Corn. This is a great recipe because it is straight forward and the ingredients are on hand. I like recipes that use baking soda, I don’t know the science behind it but it yields a great shiny non-sticky caramel coating. This recipe does notContinue Reading “recipe {caramel corn}”

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I Just Don’t Feel Like It

Most of the time when I give one of my kids an instruction they say something along the lines of, “I don’t want to”. It could be, “one second”, “not right now”, my 2 year olds current favorite, “not today”, or just plain ignoring. It is amazing at how good they are at blowing me offContinue Reading “I Just Don’t Feel Like It”

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Sweet Grandma

This morning my sweet Grandma Connett went to be with the Lord. It is a little bit surreal typing that, Grandma has been such a consistent, kind, example who was resourceful, faithful and intentional. The memories of her are countless and her fingerprints are all over my days. Old memories of their home and things weContinue Reading “Sweet Grandma”

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If I was going away to college

It is that time of year!!! Target is picked over, Bed Bath and Beyond has crazy lines, parking and restaurants are less busy, and I don’t feel like I am watching a high-fashion runway of early 20-something models when I go to downtown Walnut Creek. This is a wonderful season of life for many newContinue Reading “If I was going away to college”

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Do What Works

If there is one thing that I have learned being married, having kids, and life itself is that everyone does things differently. Everyone has different circumstances, family, heritage, dietary needs and abilities. The way that people operate in their homes, make choices and come to conclusions are all different. How people manage and run theirContinue Reading “Do What Works”

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Just One Of Those Days

Today is the second time this week that I have had a difficult time getting traction on my day. Getting projects finished, staying on task, remembering what I am to be doing, it is just that kind of day. The kiddos have had a hard time napping today, it makes it hard for me toContinue Reading “Just One Of Those Days”