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Keeping Heart: Managing Expectations

Keeping Heart: Managing Ourselves

With 3 small kidessentialss, lots of change, personal goals, tons of ideas, social media and current trends it is a daily practice for me to keep what’s most important the most important thing. Often it seems that keeping the most important thing in it’s rightful place requires LOTS of self discipline, self control, focus and hard work! There are so many distractions all around me and I am easily distracted. When I have a clear moment to think the important things just pop off the page: housework, meals, ministry, physical fitness, time in the Word. I plan out the day and I have more than enough time to get it all in with lots of breaks and downtime. Great. Planned out and organized. Perfect. We are really getting somewhere. The next day the alarm goes off at my predetermined time and….snooze. I can get it done really fast before the kids get up. or this isn’t that important anyway. or a few more minutes of sleep will be better for me. Really?! Each of these excuses are the epitome of laz and typing them in the middle of the day make them seem even more ridiculous.

These pre-morning lies that I tell myself are ruining my days and sabotaging our schedule! This pre-coffee Katie that pops up for the first few minutes of the day has got to go! It is very easy to believe these non-truths and write it off. It is important that I remember that I am still accountable for my thoughts and actions in those wee morning hours. How I respond to truth, knowing the right thing to do and not doing it, getting my chores completed and making the best use of my time are all my responsibility. Even if it it seems unimportant to do at the time, when I was in my “right mind” in the middle of the day when I made the plan based on my thoughts, convictions and goals.

Getting in the Habit

The 2 hour, completely manageable schedule that I have for my mornings are like a map. They are going to get me where I want to go in a reasonable amount of time. When I am in the habit of rising and doing I am going to be encouraged by the progress, rejoice in the results and manage my home and family better. These things are important in guiding my day and setting my course. The difference between a dreamer and a doer is that the doer, speaks truth to them self all the time. They don’t allow their mind to distract their heart from getting where it wants to go. Mind over matter, persistence and practice is how I will get where we want to go. Being a doer means that reasonable expectations are set, a set outcome is determined and a clear course of action is determined. Being a dreamer visualizes the outcome and makes excuses when it’s time of action

Making a Choice

Becoming the women that we want to be is possible, and it is important and it honors the Lord. We should not shy away from goals or desires because they require hard work. We should also not let our personal goals eclipse the priorities that God has for us. Keeping the most important things the most important is very important and we should be in a constant evaluation about where our priorities lie. When we know we have a reasonable goal and proper motivation we need to speak truth to ourselves all day long. In the big things and the little things. Practicing what we KNOW is true and right during our waking hours will ultimately move us to do what is right and true when challenge comes. Catching ourselves in the moment when we are tempted to do the wrong thing or to do not the BEST thing is crucial to our success. Doing the right thing when we don’t want to is what character and integrity are made of and where the real growth happens. Make the choice to do what is right.

Let’s Decide

Where do you want to end up? When it comes to Christmas card time, Resolutions, or a Reunion what do you want it to say or look like? The same thing it says every year? Just a collection of unrealized dreams? 10 years ago, when you visualized the season of life you are in right now what did it look like? When you consider your life right now what would you like to look different? Think of a few things, it can even be one well appointed goal, and decide that you want to actualize it. Jot a few action steps down, when it is most challenging to make the right choice, and what success looks like. When that is determined, get to it. Once and for all make it happen. It is not going to get easier. It is not going to change on its own. Really, put your big girl pants on and just get to it. The time is now.