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Keeping Heart: What You Should Do Is….

Keeping Heart: What You Should Do Is….

Breaking Molds and Finding Freedom In A Guarded Heart

I am an idea person, they just kind of ooze out of me and spill all over the place. As an idea person I am also a FANTASTIC planner, list maker, scheduler, networker and problem solver. Before you drool with envy and wonder how I “get it all done” in my day, I have to admit; I don’t have great follow through. I have to work VERY hard to carry out the plan, be consistent, stay on track and finish with as much gusto as I started with. A meal plan, workout regimen, to do list at work, is only as good as it’s follow through. Ultimately, our physical life is made up of what we DO. Where we go. Who we meet. Where we travel. Not what we dream. Not what we plan. Not what we think. Not what we talk about. Not even what we inspire in others or ourselves. Our Spiritual life is bound up in one thing. Our heart. That is what God see’s, measures, changes, redeems, saves or rejects.

Just like what I mentioned in the previous post, our hearts must be guarded because it determines the course of our life. Our heart, if you can picture a tree is either dead or alive. Actually, our heart is born dead. A dead tree produces nothing, it actually continues to decline in its death and decomposition until there is nothing left. A heart that is alive, has been touched by Jesus Christ and brought to life. A tree that is alive produces fruit, leaves, branches, signs of life, sickness, neglect, stakes or regular pruning and care are all needed in the course of the life of the tree for it’s growth and success. There are thousands of varieties of trees in our amazing created world, and they were created (as with all things) for the glory of God. Each tree is cared for differently, watered differently, and productive in different ways.

Just like the thousands of trees that are created differently, so are humans. It sounds elementary, but we are all different, live different and act, behave and grow differently. Before we get amped up on a “you are unique” and “one of a kind” excitement, that is not where I am headed. Sorry. We have one farmer; one heart keeper, Jesus Christ who refines our hearts to the pleasure of God the Father through the work of the Holy Spirit. Our lives are ALL going to look different and we need to love the differences and not prescribe the perfection for each other. It is so So SO easy to look around and see one way to do things. One magazine that models our fall fashion, one show that should be deciding our home decor, one chef who should be guiding all of our food, one pintrest board that inspires all of our dreams, one photo that sums up our dream wedding, a blogger who dictates our parenting, a persona about who is cool, relevant and hip. But really… we have SO MUCH FREEDOM. SO MUCH!!

Scripture ALONE should be informing all of our choices! ALL of them! Who we are, what we do, what we wear, how we act, what we listen to. The freedom of creativity alone among God’s creation is SO AMAZING! Have you ever seen a kinder egg? These things are all the rage. It is an easter egg filled with a sticker, candy, trinket, whatever. The catch is, that everyone is DIFFERENT! Everyone! Just look around youtube and see the madness, there are videos that are HOURS long….HOURS of people opening these things one by one. I have seen kids glued to screens, not able to get enough of what will be next. God’s people are more intriguing than kinder eggs. I promise. Just like the eggs, EACH ONE IS DIFFERENT! As believers we should be cracking open the lives of others and seeing what is inside and holding it up to the light of Scripture. We are all going to be so unique and such an asset to the kingdom in a unique way, with the unity of the spirit, foundation of scripture, the bond of peace and the work of Christ. We should NOT be walking around toting the 5 ways to have a perfect marriage, the 3 ways to have perfect kids, the 7 things to do before you die. That stuff? Those limiting, regimented rules of success is not the way to life. Those things are what keep us condemned by the law and dead in our doing. Those are the things that cliques, divisions, inferiority and lies are made. All of it and our hearts should be guarded from untruth. If every Kinder Egg had the same thing it there would be no appeal to it. It would not keep people inthralled in the next thing.

What we do is up the the Lord, the ultimate Kinder Egg filler. Our examination of others and our life should be something like this:

-What does scripture say?

-Compared to that what am I doing?

-Based on that, what should change?

-Pray about it.

-Keep reading scripture. Meditate on it. Love it. Talk about it.


Yup it’s basic. And that is my point. Keep it easy. Don’t tell someone else what should be in their kinder egg. Tell them scripture and pray for them. The lists, the wardrobe, the work out. It is tiring. goals and lists can be fun, but they can be dangerous. Have them, make them use them, do them. Just remember, as SOON as you are convicted and you feel the pruning of the Holy Spirit, it’s done. over. GOD is the list keeper and the SEEER of our heart. Remember, the heart is what we are aiming at. If you get all of your chore chart done and are a pissy, tired angry mess when you are home with your family, sorry sweetness– the list needs to change. If you put on your hot fall fashion and walk around arrogant and comparing yourself to everyone all day, sister the clothes have to go. If you get on Facebook and well up with emotions of envy, jealousy, anger, inferiority…time to log out. I’m serious. Because it is serious. The condition of our heart MUST BE GUARDED. As our hearts are strengthened, we might be able to take on more or add some of those things back in, but that will be in God’s timing. Not ours. The issue is not what others are doing, the issue is how we are responding to it. Everytime. Yes, they might be sinning. Yes. They might be wrong. Yup it might be unfair. But that, my friend, is NOT your business. examine your own heart, before you go and blast the heart of others. That is God’s business. You who are innocent can cast the first stone. Perfectly innocent. That’s Christ ladies. Leave that work to Christ. You just keep guarding your own heart. With all diligence. It will determine the course of your life.