Freezer Prep For Quick, Easy, and Healthy Dinner

About a month before my 3rd child was born I had a panic moment realizing that I was going to be busy with caring for kids and babies and would never have time to do anything else. Ok so maybe I exaggerated a little bit in my mind but it did get me into “go mode”Continue Reading “Freezer Prep For Quick, Easy, and Healthy Dinner”


What God Has Joined Together

This morning, as always, I received my good morning note from Gavin followed up with a call a bit later. Today, I am thankful for him now more than ever. I am grateful for the conviction he has and the desire for justice, leadership and truth. Here is an email he sent to me thisContinue Reading “What God Has Joined Together”


Guest Post From My Husband: Hope from Habakkuk {go gavin!}

   As a parent, I look at the evil that runs rampant and I can worry for my children. If its school shootings in the news, yet another abduction, or even a Bible Study that is violently torn apart by a young man who has completely turned him self over to it, what kind ofContinue Reading “Guest Post From My Husband: Hope from Habakkuk {go gavin!}”


I’m Trying Not To Go Crazy Here…. And That Is The Problem

Parenting When My Heart Is Not At Peace It is only 11:00 in the morning and I am already ready to be done with the day. From the moment my kids woke up my heart has been impatient and angry. Their behavior isn’t excessively disobedient, they are only 3, 2 and 10 months and learningContinue Reading “I’m Trying Not To Go Crazy Here…. And That Is The Problem”

Feed My Love For the Home

I Just Don’t Feel Like It

Most of the time when I give one of my kids an instruction they say something along the lines of, “I don’t want to”. It could be, “one second”, “not right now”, my 2 year olds current favorite, “not today”, or just plain ignoring. It is amazing at how good they are at blowing me offContinue Reading “I Just Don’t Feel Like It”


9 Ways to be Gracious on the Go 

  When I go somewhere with my kids we are quite the parade. A stroller, sometimes a front carrier, diaper bag, my purse, blankets, snacks and whatever my 3, 2 and 10 month old might possibly need while we are out. I’m wrangling kids, probably a few minutes late and without fail I hear a, “heyContinue Reading “9 Ways to be Gracious on the Go “


Triggers and Weakspots 

  No it’s not the name of my new band. When I think about my life and the massive amount of sin that dwells in my heart it is often discouraging and overwhelming. Where do I even start?! The account of all my sin since the day I was born is endless. There is nothing IContinue Reading “Triggers and Weakspots “

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What to talk about. 

 Most of my days are spent interacting with my kids. Depending on the week, it would not be be unlikely that I would only interact with the kids (3,2, 10 months) and Gavin. After talking with kids, disciplining, making quesadillas and chopping fruit, changing diapers, and giving instructions day after day, when Sunday or bibleContinue Reading “What to talk about. “


Help me help you

Just want to give you a quick update and encourage you to be hiding God’s word in your heart. The verse reads, “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.” Memorizing God’s Word transforms our thinking and conforms us to the image of His will. Scripture is applicableContinue Reading “Help me help you”


Parenting when your body is in pain

  A consistent theme through out the last 3 years and my pregnancies has been back pain. With all three of my kids, at some point, my back has been hurting for an extended amount of time. Really hurting, like the crawl on the floor, go to the ER, need help going to the bathroom, takeContinue Reading “Parenting when your body is in pain”