A complete guide to managing kids clothes

  In our home, the number of clothes we have is a constant battle. From generous hand me downs, great gifts, to bargain prices it is hard to stay on top of all the laundry. With 3 kids 3 and under it seems like the piles of clothes never end. Kids grow quickly, seasons change andContinue Reading “A complete guide to managing kids clothes”


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Sunday Is Coming! Are you ready?

 Sunday Is Coming! Are you ready? Knowing that Easter is coming, as a believer it is important for me to prepare my heart and communicate to my children why Easter is special for mommy and daddy and why I pray that it will one day be important and treasured by them. Here are a fewContinue Reading “Sunday Is Coming! Are you ready?”


Someone is THREE!

Dear Madeline, Last week you turned three years old! What an adventure it has been to be your mom, I sure love you. Over this past 12 months you have changed tremendously, I am regularly amazed at what you are thinking about, how you communicate and how you have grown. Baby girl, my heart pleads and begs the Lord to change your heart andContinue Reading “Someone is THREE!”


The chain that held us together

I had the sweet privilege of being able to see my Grandma in the weeks before she died. In one of my last visits to see her she gave me a gold charm that was a silhouette of the face of a little girl that had my name and birthday engraved on it. For 29Continue Reading “The chain that held us together”

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Sweet Grandma

This morning my sweet Grandma Connett went to be with the Lord. It is a little bit surreal typing that, Grandma has been such a consistent, kind, example who was resourceful, faithful and intentional. The memories of her are countless and her fingerprints are all over my days. Old memories of their home and things weContinue Reading “Sweet Grandma”


A Giveaway! {pennant banner}

As a celebration of my unexpected Pennant Banner Etsy Store I thought I would offer a few giveaways! I will be giving away 3 Custom Pennant Banners, each winner can specify their banner preferences. Here are 2 that got this all started. Enjoy! Did you see that all orders have FREE SHIPPING?! How about that?!Continue Reading “A Giveaway! {pennant banner}”


Love and Be Loved

Today I am encouraged and challenged by the Romans 12:10 “love one another with brotherly affection out do one another in showing honor.” Sometimes how this verse plays out my life looks different then I think it would in past generations because of the way our lives are structured. We don’t live in a timeContinue Reading “Love and Be Loved”


Quote From Feminine Appeal

…”motherhood can be both exhilarating and exasperating. It can present us with a delightful experience one moment and a baffling encounter the next. There are days when we can’t imagine doing anything more rewarding. Then we have days when caring for our children feels anything but significant…mothering includes a vast and varying range of experiencesContinue Reading “Quote From Feminine Appeal”

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If I was going away to college

It is that time of year!!! Target is picked over, Bed Bath and Beyond has crazy lines, parking and restaurants are less busy, and I don’t feel like I am watching a high-fashion runway of early 20-something models when I go to downtown Walnut Creek. This is a wonderful season of life for many newContinue Reading “If I was going away to college”